Corinne Stevens-Belanger – Aboriginal Owned and Operated.

Teepees (Tipi) and Teepee (Tipi)Poles

Teepee (Tipi) Styles and Canvas

Cree Star Gifts now creates and manufactures Teepees, (also spelled Tipi).  We currently make four styles of Teepees (Tipis).  Our first style is the Plains Cree Teepee or (Plains Cree Tipi).  Traditionally the Cree Teepees were longer in the back and shorter in the front.  Due to this fact, you need longer poles for the back, opposite of the door, for this style.  Our Second Style of Teepee we make is the Dakota Teepee or (Sioux Tipi).  The Traditional Dakota Teepee is longer in the front and shorter in the back, which gives it a sort of leaning back look or appearance.  Both are well known and look awesome when completed.  The Cree Teepee does cost more to make as it uses more canvas than the Dakota Teepee.

We decided to offer both Styles of Teepee, not only because they were the most popular but also because I (Corinne) am Cree and my husband John is Dakota/Nakota Ancestry.  John sews the canvas Teepees together.

Due to demand and encouragement from community members from various bands surrounding us, we decided to also make Ojibway style teepee.  It is a wider teepee than the Cree & Dakota Style teepees and it is perfectly round shape.

All Teepees are made to order and therefore sufficient time is needed to have your order completed, so it is best to order early.  Our Canvas Teepees are made with Sunforger Canvas.  Sunforger is a type of canvas which is treated with Fire Retardant, Water Repellent and Mildew Resistant substances.


Teepee Styles, Sizes and Prices.

We have made sizes outside of the list below, so if you want a specific size which is not listed, don’t worry give us a call and we can work out a price and meet your need.  These are just the most popular sizes that we manufacture and create.  Also if you have a different style of Teepee (Tipi) from your own Family or Nation and can not make it yourself for whatever reason, we will be happy to assist you.  So don’t be shy and give us a call and we will be glad to make a new style of Teepee (Tipi) for you, or your organization or community.


**FOR all CUSTOM Teepees – for CANCELLATIONS we keep a 30% non-refundable Deposit to cover what we spend on Canvas.


Our Teepee Canvas prices include; the Canvas Teepee Cover, Rope, Tent Stakes/Pegs, Lacing Pins and Door.  Teepee Poles and Liners are sold separate. See prices below.


Sizes     Dakota Style      Cree Style     Ojibway Style

6′           $430.00                 $440.00            $495.00

8′           $550.00                 $575.00            $595.00

10′         $775.00                 $825.00            $850.00

12′          $950.00                $995.00           $1080.00

14′          $1395.00              $1450.00          $1500.00

16′          $1575.00              $1650.00          $1700.00

18′          $1800.00              $1875.00          $1995.00

20′         $2150.00              $2350.00          $2450.00

22′          $2550.00             $2675.00          $2895.00

24′          $2895.00             $2995.00          $3375.00

26′                                          $3495.00          $3775.00

28′                                          $4400.00           $4550.00

30′                                          $5100.00           $5375.00



TEEPEE LINERS for all styles of TEEPEES  (6 FEET HIGH)

10′ Foot – $425.00 each

12′ Foot – $495.00 each

14′ Foot – $650.00 each

16′ Foot -$795.00 each

18′ Foot-$850.00 each

20′ Foot – $900.00 each

22 ‘ Foot – $1100.00 each

24′ Foot – $1195.00 each

26 ‘ Foot- $1495.00

28′ Foot – $1650.00
30′ Foot- $1795.00

Here are pics. of our teepees with our liners inside them…good view of what they look like.


Teepee Poles

All our poles are Black Spruce, and the most popular sizes we sell range from 22-32 feet long.  We can sell other sizes, so if you need a different size let us know and we will give you a quote and get them for you.

We can sell our poles peeled.  We can deliver depending on the distance within Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as western Ontario.  We also can ship them by freight to other provinces.  Delivery charges will depend on the location.  You can also pick-up your order yourself.  Taxes do apply unless your order is delivered directly to a First Nations community.  Also, we possess our own Timber Dealer License, therefore, we follow conservation/forestry laws, and we are a legal business.

PRICES for peeled teepee poles

  1. 6 ft TEEPEE – 8 ft pole prices are $13.33 each

    ($200.00 a set of 15)

  2. 8 ft TEEPEE – 10 ft pole prices are $16.00 each

         ($240.00 a set of 15)

  1. 10 ft TEEPEE – 14-16 ft pole prices are 20.00 each

         ($300.00 a set of 15)

  1. 12 ft TEEPEE – 18-20 ft pole prices are $26.67 each

    ($400.00 a set of 15)

  2. 14 – 16 ft TEEPEE – Sizes 22’feet…$39.66 (each)

    ($595.00 a set of 15)

  3. 16 ft TEEPEE – Sizes 24’feet…$43.33 (each)

    ($650.00 a set of 15)

  4. 18 ft TEEPEE Sizes 26’feet…$46.66 (each)

    ($700.00 a set of 15)

  5. 20 ft TEEPEE – Sizes 28’feet…$56.66 (each)

    ($850.00 a set of 15)

  6. 22 ft TEEPEE – Sizes 30’feet …$63.33 (each)

    ($950.00 a set of 15)

  7. 24 ft TEEPEE – Sizes 32′ + ft…$73.33 (each)

    ($1100.00 a set of 15)

  8. 26 Ft Teepee – Sizes 35 -36 ‘ ft…..$100.00 (each)   ($1500.00  a set of 15) ($1700.00 a set of 17)

  9. 28 Ft Teepee – Sizes 36-38 ft ……$120.00 (each) ($2400.00 a set of 20)

  10. 30 ft Teepee – Sizes 40-42 ft ……$150.00 (each) ($3000 a set of 20) 



Ojibway Style Teepee


Ojibway – 22 ft style teepee

Ojibway teepee from side view


Cree Style- 24 ft teepee

Cree Style teepee from side -view .

John with our youngest daughter, Sarah in front of a 6 foot Cree Style

John and our oldest daughter Maria in front of a 12-foot Cree Style teepee




Dakota style teepees

Dakota Style teepee – front view




Inside view of Teepee:

Inside view of Teepee-top

Inside view of Teepee-top



Teepee Poles


Photo Taken at Treaty 1-11 Gathering, August 11-14 at Treaty 4 Grounds in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan.

Photo Taken at Treaty 1-11 Gathering, August 11-14 at Treaty 4 Grounds in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.


John holding one of our 30 foot Peeled teepee poles.  BLACK SPRUCE TREES


John dropping off Teepee Poles at Treaty 4 Grounds for National Treaty 1-11 Gathering in Fort Qu'Appelle - August 11-14, 2014

John dropping off Teepee Poles at Treaty 4 Grounds for National Treaty 1-11 Gathering in Fort Qu’Appelle – August 11-14, 2014


PHOTO OF: John, with Sgt. Jamie Gabriel, and Cst. Chris Gabriel – Aboriginal Policing Unit – “F” Division

RCMP ACADEMY, Regina, Saskatchewan. 

August 2015.

Delivered peeled & treated teepee poles to Regina.

Delivered peeled & treated teepee poles to Regina.

Picture of peeled & treated teepee poles

Picture of peeled & treated teepee poles




Picture of: Calvin Issac, Cultural Coordinator with John Belanger.  The teepee in the background isn’t make by us, but we delivered a 24  foot Cree Style teepee/poles for Ochapawace First Nations’ Annual Powwow. 

Ochapawace First Nation, Saskatchewan.

Calvin Issac, Cultural Coordinator for Ochapawace Health Authority, and John Belanger

Photo Submitted by: Florinda Christianson – Culture Heritage & Tourism Manager.

Biitigong First Nation – Lands Resources and Goverance

5 Lynx RoadPO Box 193

Heron Bay, Ontario  P0T 1R09807) 229-8900 ext. 223

Florinda is standing beside a 6 Foot  Cree Style Teepee purchased from us.  It is used for a display in their building.

Florinda Christianson - Culture Heritage and Tourism Manager, Heron Bay Ontario.

Florinda Christianson – Culture Heritage and Tourism Manager, Heron Bay Ontario.



Photos Sumbitted By: Linda Catcheway – near Waywayseecappo First Nation, MB.

Some pictures of Clan Catchaway and our delivery of their 14 foot Dakota Style Teepee.  Thanks Linda Catcheway, you and your grandchildren are Awesome! We had a great time. We enjoyed putting up this Teepee that they purchased from us. The kids were so helpful and willing to learn.
Linda Catcheway (Clan Catcheway), in front of their 14-foot dakota Style Teepee and John + Kids

Linda Catcheway (Clan Catcheway), in front of their 14-foot dakota Style Teepee and John + Kids

14-Foot Dakota Style Teepee

14-Foot Dakota Style Teepee


Photo Submitted By: Janet Longclaws

Long Plains First Nation, Manitoba.

Dakota Tipi with grandmother Moon on the rise. Taken September 17, 2016. Jan Longclaws purchased this Dakota Style 16-foot Teepee/poles from us, and just set it up in her backyard, and sent us this photo. Thank you Janet! It looks beautiful!
Janet Longclaws from Long Plains First Nation, Manitoba purchased this 16-Foot Dakota Style Teepee from us.

Janet Longclaws from Long Plains First Nation, Manitoba purchased this 16-Foot Dakota Style Teepee from us.


Photo Submitted By:  Jason Gobeil, Aboriginal Community Coordinator for the City of Brandon

Picture- from left to right-John Belanger, Brandon Police Chief Ian Grant, BFC Cultural Worker Tim Bone, Aboriginal Community Coordinator for the City of Brandon Jason Gobeil, BFC Cultural worker Frank Tacan Sr. and Brandon Police Staff Sgt. Marc Alain
John just delivered a 16 foot Dakota Style Teepee, and Star Blankets for The City of Brandon Aboriginal Community Coordinator Jason Gobeil. They put it up last night in front of the Brandon Police Station
Brandon Manitoba.

Brandon Manitoba.


Teepee we delivered in front of the police station

Teepee we delivered and made in front of the police station


Photo of John with Tim Bone, Youth Drop-In Coordinator, for the Brandon Friendship Center

Delivered 3 – 16 Foot Teepees and Poles made by Cree Star Gifts.

Photo from Left to Right: John, Tim Bone’s Nephew, Tim Bone (Youth Coordinator), and Colton Tacan


 Photo Submitted By: Clifton Flett, Youth Support Worker for Mountain View School Division – Dauphin, MB – May 2017.  (Photo: LEFT to RIGHT – Wade Houle, Frank Klyne, Patti Goodine, Clifton & Candace Flett, Norm Casavant (Principal) with his son and John Belanger)

We just delivered and put up 24-foot teepee made by us with Dauphin Regional High School for Clifton Flett and his wife and the principal and staff. Their powwow is tomorrow. We hope they have a great event. It was fun

photo of: Corinne with Rina Wajuntah (teacher), and Standing Buffalo Staff/Students at Standing Buffalo School, in Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation in Fort QuAppelle, Sk.  We created a 8-foot Dakota Style teepee to display in their school play, a reenactment of historical facts about their community. – May 2017.

Photo: (Upper Right to Left) Corinne, Rita, and standing buffalo Teachers/staff.
(Bottom Row) Students from Standing Buffalo.



Photo Submitted by: George Beaulieu at Issac Beaulieu Memorial School in Sandy Bay First Nation, MB.

We delivered FIVE 24 foot Cree Style Teepees, Liners and Poles to Isaac Beaulieu Memorial School in Sandy Bay First Nation, Manitoba. John put one up with the Staff, Volunteers, Students and Elders.

Photo: (left to right) Ernest Roulette (volunteer) standing beside John in front of a 24- foot Cree Style teepee




Photo Submitted by: Pat Eyolfson

Arborg Heritage Village, Mb.

They purchased 2 16-foot Cree Style Teepees and poles from us.

Photo of 16-foot Cree Style Teepee at Arborg Heritage Village, Mb.



Photo of: Darryl McRae

Saskatoon, Sk.

Picture of Darryl and his son picking up teepee poles purchased from us.

Photo: (left to right) Darryl McRae, his son and John standing in front of the teepee poles he purchased from us.


Photo Of: Dennis Pashe, Health Director for Dakota Tipi First Nation

Dennis Pashe in front of the 22 – foot Dakota Style teepee he purchased from us with poles-July 2017.


photo: (left to right) John and Dennis standing in front of the teepee poles/teepee he purchased from us for his up-coming community events.

Photo: (left to right) John standing beside Dennis Pashe, Health Director for Dakota Tipi First Nation, standing in front of the teepee poles/teepee he purchased from us.-JUNE 2017.



Photo of: Toni Hayes, Owner for Running Bear Camp and Native Medicine

Minitonas, Manitoba.

We had the privilege of putting up this 18-foot Cree Style teepee with Toni Hayes/ Running Bear Toni Hayes and James Garrow. She purchased the teepee from us for her place in Minitonas, Mb., called Running Bear Camp and Native Medicine site – Beautiful place, and had an enjoyable day.

Photo: (left to right) James Garrow with toni Hayes standing in front of the 18-foot Cree Style teepee she purchased from us

Running Bear Camp and Native Medicines


Here is a picture of Toni Hayes and James Garrow getting married in front of the 18 ft teepee we make for them last year. We loved putting up the teepee with them at that time, and we feel even more blessed to see a wedding ceremony happen in front of the teepee we made them! We feel so excited and happy for this couple, and we wish them the absolute best!-JULY 2018.

Toni Hayes & James Garrow getting married in front of the 18 ft teepee we make them – July 2018.

James Garrow and Toni Hayes


Photo of: Anita Munn and Darrell Manuliak – Mini Homes of Manitoba.

Custom Designers and Builders –

(204) 694-6464

We had the privilege of dropping off teepee poles to Anita Munn and Darrell Manuliak from or Mini Homes of Manitoba. They are custom designers and builders of these mini homes and they are currently creating and building affordable homes for Long Plain First Nation. Check them out!!! We want to buy a mini house from them soon. Remember we make custom teepees/poles.


Photo: (left to right) Anita Munn, Darrell Manuliak and John Belanger standing in front of the teepee poles we delivered to Long Plain First Nation, MB – one of the Mini Homes they build is behind them.

This is the teepee Anita & Darrell purchased the teepee poles for.



Photo of: Eva Wilson-Fontaine and EJ Fontaine

Anish Corporation, 110-200 Alpine Way Headingley, MB Tel: 204-334-9395

We had the privilege on Sunday of putting up a 22- foot Dakota Style teepee with Ej Fontaine and Eva Wilson-Fontaine from Anish Corporation on their property near Anola Manitoba – Cedar Lake Ranch. It was a lot of fun and we just got it completed before it started raining.

Cedar Lake Ranch cultural area, was created by Anish Corporation for families in transition for reuniting back together, to reestablish bonds and be together on the land and learn some basic life skills as a family at Cedar Lake Ranch. Better than any hotel room!!  If you have any questions about this Ranch contact Eva or EJ. -Sept 2017.

photo left to right: Corinne, John and EJ and Eva Fontaine and our youngest daughter, Sarah standing in front of a 22 foot Dakota Style Teepee we made for them

Eva Wilson-Fontaine and EJ Fontaine standing in front of a 22-foot Dakota Style teepee we made for them.



Photo of: John Mcleod, Carpentry Teacher with Jackie Connell, Principal for RB Russell School

Winnipeg, MB.

We dropped off a 16 foot Dakota style teepee and poles yesterday at RB Russell School in Winnipeg. We had the privilege to meet the Principal, Jackie and John Mcleod , the Carpentery Teacher. They are putting up the teepee in the school’s courtyard. They gave us a tour of their beautiful school too. We were so impressed with this school. – Sept 2017.

Photo: (left to right) John standing beside John Mcleod, Carpentry Teacher and Jackie Connell, Principal of RB Russell School in Winnipeg, standing beside the teepee and poles we delivered to their school.




Photo Submitted By: Katrina Froese, Education Coordinator

Fortwhyte Alive

1961 McCreary Road
Winnipeg, MB  R3P 2K9

Picture of Fortwhyte Alive Staff and volunteers in front of the teepee they purchased from Cree Star Gifts.

Fort Whyte Alive Staff and volunteers in front of Teepee purchased from us with





Photo Submitted By: Sharidy Desnomie, Health Director for Star Blanket First Nation, Sk.

Peepeekisis First Nation, Sk.

The mild weather this weekend enabled us the privilege to deliver teepees/poles to Sharidy Desnomie (first photo), the Health Director for Star Blanket First Nation with her husband, Toby, in Peepeekisis First Nation, Sk.  John was thankful for the Sweetgrass he was given by the Desnomie family.

Photo: (left to right) John beside Toby and Sharidy Desnomie, health Director for Star Blanket First Nation. We delivered her poles to her home in Peepeekisis First Nation, Sk.




Photo Submitted By: Kelsey Starblanket, First Nations/Metis Laision Worker for Prairie Valley School Division

Regina, Saskatchewan.

The mild weather this weekend enabled us the privilege to deliver teepees/poles to Bert Fox Community School in Fort Qu-Appelle, Sk.,  for Kelsey Starblanket, the First Nations/Metis Liaison for Prairie Valley School Division in Fort Qu-Appelle, Sk.

Photo: (left or right) John beside Kelsey Starblanket, First Nations/Metis Liaison Worker for Prairie Valley School Division, Regina Sk. We dropped off teepee/poles at Bert Fox Community School in Fort Qu-Appelle, Sk.

Swan Valley School Division

Heyes School

We had the privilege today of putting up a 8 foot teepee with my youngest daughter’s class – Sarah. We talked about pre-contact Indigenous dwellings and the significance of the Teepee in the Plains area. After the discussion we put up a teepee, and then each student was able to design and paint their own teepee. It was fun! Our little daughter was so helpful and we are just so proud of her!!

Swan River – Grade 3 Class in front of a 8 foot Dakota style teepee. We did a presentation with this class about the teepee.



Photo Submitted By:  Nicole Baliski, Secretary/Library Assistant

Christopher Lake Public School, Saskatchewan.

Here are some pics from Christopher Lake Public School. They purchased an 8-foot Teepee from us to set up in their school library. They had an Elder teach the kids about it and set it up with them!

Photo of an Elder putting up an 8-foot teepee we made for them at Christopher Lake Public School


Photo Submitted By:  Pete Brass, Art Collection Manager and Roland Kaye, Elders Helper.

First Nations University of Canada

#1 First Nations Way.  Regina, Sk.  S4S 7K2

Here are pics of us with Roland Kaye, (Elders Helper) and Pete Brass, (Art Collection Manager) at First Nations University of Canada in Regina on Sunday. They purchased several teepees from us for upcoming events and they will remain up all year round.

Photo: (left to right) Corinne, Roland Kaye (Elders Helper), John and Pete Brass (Art Collection Manager) at First Nations University of Canada in Regina, Sk.




Photo Submitted by: Lorna Munro, Aboriginal Academic Achievement, Swan Valley School Division

Swan Valley School Division

Here is a picture of us and all the Swan River School Division staff/students that participated in the grade 6 Outdoor Indigenous Education Day at the Swan Valley Museum. John made a 20 ft – Ojibway style teepee for this event (on left). We also had privilege of teaching kids how to put up a teepee and take down a teepee safely using a 6-ft size teepee. There was also other events and sessions the kids took it. Really grateful to be a part of day!

Photo: (left to right) Lorna Munro (Aboriginal Academic Achievement), Jacquie Mydynski – Arp (SVRSS Principal), Swan Valley School Division Staff member, Tim Mendel (Superintendent) and John Belanger standing in front of teepee

Swan Valley School Division Out door Indigenous Education Day at Swan Valley Museum organized for grade 6s.



Photo Submitted By: Leanne Bird, Special Education Teacher

Peepeekisis Pesakastew School, Saskatchewan.

Had the pleasure today of meeting Leanne Bird and her son from Peepeekisis School. They purchased teepees from us for an Indigenous day event June 2018.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, car, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky, house and outdoor



Photo Submitted: Corinne Belanger – Art Teacher

Swan Valley School Division

Wellman Lake United Church Camp – June 2018.

We had the privilege of teaching the grade 8’s how to safely set-up a Cree style teepee during their camping trip and teach them a little history about the teepee to include Indigenous Education into the weekend. We loved having the opportunity to do this, and we thank the Swan Valley School Division and staff for giving us the time with these amazing youth.


Corinne & John Belanger, Mrs Argue (Math Teacher), Mme. Chmelowski (7-8 French Immersion Teacher), Mr.Andres (Physical Ed. Teacher), Mrs. Bartley (English Teacher), Mr. McDonald (Guidance Counsellor) and Grade 8’s June 2018.



Photo Submitted: Brent Hamel, Waskesiu Recreation Committee

Waskesiu National Park, Sk.

We had the privilege of putting up teepee poles with Brent Hamel required by Waskesiu Recreation area committee in the Waskesiu Provincial Park, SK. It’s absolutely beautiful here. We stayed in Baker’s Bungalow and enjoying the beach. – June 2018.

Brent Hamel (Waskesiu Recreation Committee), and Corinne & John Belanger




Photo Submitted By: Gerald Lepine

Arlington Beach, Sk.

We enjoyed meeting Gerald Lepine, a Metis man who lives in Arlington Beach, Sk. He had interesting stories and antiques and artifacts and the kids loved meeting his grand kids. We are sure we will see him again.

Gerald Lepine beside John Belanger




Photo Submitted By: Angela Snowshoe, Founder/Manager

Red Pony Stands Ojibwe Horse Sanctuary

PO Box 3, RR#2 Site 3, Craven, SK S0G 0W0

Piapot First Nation, Sk.

We set up a 20 ft Cree Style teepee with an amazing Indigenous company called . – Angela Snowshoe & Cullan McGinnis.  They are an Ojibwa Horse Sanctuary and they purchased a teepee from us required for upcoming events. Check these guys out!!

John & Corinne Belanger beside Cullan McGinnis (Board Member/Tresurer), and Angela Snowshoe (Founder, Manager)



Photo Submitted By: Shannon Berard-Gardiner

Saskatchewan Beach, Sk.

The last stop we made during out Canada Day weekend was at Shannon & Chris Gardiner’s house. We had the privilege of meeting Matty, and we set-up a teepee for him and we really enjoyed their hospitality. We felt really welcomed and loved the beautiful surroundings where they live. We wish this family the absolute best!!!

Photo: (left to right) John & Corinne Belanger, Shannon Berard-Gardiner, Chris Gardiner & Matthew


QUOTE: “A nice precursor to when the canvas arrives, but let’s just say someone can’t get enough of the poles! Many thanks once again to Corinne-John Belanger at Cree Star Gifts!!”



Photo Submitted By: Calvin Isaac, Cultural Worker

Health Office

Ochapowace First Nation, Sk.

 We enjoyed the drive today to Ochapowace First Nation,sk and meeting Calvin Isaac . This First Nation is located in the Fort Qu’Appelle Valley. It is beautiful. I tried to take some pics but they don’t really illustrate the natural beauty of the landscape . He purchased star blankets from us for some up -coming events, and purchased a 24 ft teepee from us last year.

Photo: (left to right) Calvin Issac & Corinne Belanger



Photo Submitted By: Geneva Smoke, Prevention Worker for Dakota Ojibway CFS

Dakota Tipi First Nation, MB.

Today we delivered a 20 ft. Dakota Style teepee and poles to Dakota Tipi First Nation for Geneva Smoke, Prevention Worker for Dakota Ojibway CFS. We were able to see all the new development in this community and all the new infrastructures were impressive. Enjoyed the visit and hospitality.

Photo: (left to right) Geneva Smoke and John Belanger



Photo Submitted By: James Buhler, Organizer

Manitoba Stampeded Professional Rodeo, July 19-22nd

Morris, Manitoba.

We delivered and set up 16 ft Cree & Dakota Style teepees for the Manitoba Stampede Professional Rodeo in Morris Manitoba today – scheduled for July 19 to the 22nd. We enjoyed setting them up with James Buhler and his family and rodeo staff. They are required for the Gathering of Nations part of the Rodeo where several tipis and organized Indigenous events are taking place. ARTISANS are invited to set up tables & sell their creations. Find more info. at .

Photo: (left to right) John Belanger, James Buhler, Corinne Belanger, James’s daughter & friend Dillon, and Jonathan Atkinson.


Photo Submitted By: Ira McArthur, Chief

Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation, Sk.

We had so much fun today putting up 2 Peyote Style teepees with John’s cousin Chief Ira McArthur from Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation . John made this style of teepee custom for Ira but we are comfortable creating this style again for anyone interested. Special thanks to Ira’s nephews – Milton McArthur and Trent Obey and Crew for helping.

Photo: (left to right) Trent Obey, Ira McArthur (Chief for Pheasant Rump Nakota Nation), John Belanger, Milton McArthur and Band member



Photo Submitted By: Blair Rattlesnake, Health Director

Tootinaowaziibeeng First Nation, MB.

We delivered teepee poles to Blair Rattlesnake today at Tootinaowaziibeeng First Nation for his upcoming Camp. He will be putting up several teepees at his event. We enjoyed visiting his community and seeing the grounds for his upcoming Camp.

Photo: (left to right) Blair Rattlesnake (Health Director) and John Belanger



Photo Submitted By: Scott Cameron

Ashern, Manitoba.

Scott purchased this 18 Ft- Ojibway Style Teepee from us as a gift to his wife, presented to her on their wedding day! Congrats to this beautiful couple! – Sept. 2018.

Picture of Scott Cameron with his Bride recently married-Sept. 2018.



Photo Submitted By: Krystal Nieckar


Saskatoon, Sk.

Thanks Krystal Nieckar, from OutSaskatoon for the beautiful pics. They purchased a 6 ft Cree Style teepee from us to Display inside their Conference room for their 2018 InterPride AGM & World Conference – Sept. 2018. The small teepees are great for indoor use & display purposes.

2018 InterPride AGM & World Conference – Sept. 2018



Photo Submitted By: Lois Trew

Sand Hills Museum & Interpretive Center, Sceptre, Sk.

Thanks Lois Trew, from Great Sandhills Museum & Interpretive Centre in Sceptre, SK for these pics. She purchased a 10 ft Cree Style teepee from us for the Museum. She put it up along with her grand-kids.

Lois Trew with her grandchildren setting up the teepee at Sand Hills Museum.


Photo Submitted By: Guy Erasmus

Yellowknife, NWT.

Here are a couple of pics. sent to us by Guy Erasmus, from Yellowknife, NWT. He purchased 2 – 10 ft Ojibway Style teepees for his tourism business from us. He custom painted the teepees himself, and took these pics for us to share.


Photo Submitted By: Lisa MacDougall

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Akerley Campus



Photo Submitted By: Lyndon Linklater

Remai Modern Art Gallery

Saskatoon, Sk.

This picture was sent to us by Lyndon J. Linklater, Indigenous Relations Advisor from the rRemai mModern Art Galley in Saskatoon. He purchased this 20 ft Cree teepee from us to put up in front of the Remai. Here is the picture of himself (in the center) with the Art Gallery Staff in front of it. Love it!!

Thanks Lyndon for this picture. He purchased a 20 ft Cree tipi from us for the Remai Modern Art Gallery in Saskatoon. Pictures of the teepee in front of the Remai are coming soon! This picture is the same teepee set up at an event called the Grosvenor Park United Church’s Contemplative Arts Festival from May 23 to 25 in Saskatoon.



Photo Submitted By: Marion Langan

Sapotawayek Cree Nation , MB.

Health Office Staff

I enjoyed sitting up a 20 ft Cree teepee with my family for the first time this morning in Sapotowayek Cree Nation, MB. My cousins Roxanne Stevens, Grace Genaille, my aunt Elder Irene Genaille , Marion Langan and Health office staff. It was Awesome and so much fun!!!!!

Sapotaweyak Cree Nation



Photo Submitted By: Lorna Munroe

Swan Valley School Division

Indigenous Day was a huge success in Swan River today. Thanks to everyone involved and the entertainment was a nice combination of song, dance and culture. We set up 2 teepees today to accommodate 2 different displays and activities. Really glad to be a part of the day. We hope that everyone’s Indigenous Day across Canada will be a huge success!!!!

Indigeous Day 2019 – Swan Valley School Division Staff




Photo Submitted By: Patricia Main , Wellness Worker

Flying Dust First Nation, Sk.

We just finished setting up 2 -16 ft Cree teepees with Patricia Main , Beatrice Marie, Makayla Wahobin, and youth in Flying Dust First Nation , Sk. for the upcoming Indigenous Games July 15 – 19th. They are expecting 6000 people for this event. We wish all the athletes great success.



Photo Submitted By: Shana Pasapa

Kainai Blood Reserve, Alberta.

We just set up this big 24 ft Cree teepee in Kainai Blood Reserve in Alberta. Shana Pasapa thank you for inviting us to set up the teepee with you and your family in the blood reserve. We enjoyed meeting Casey Eaglespeaker and his wife and members of his community. Thanks to all the helpers – especially Michael Broadfoot & Wacey Little Light. It was so nice seeing you all and we are really happy for you all!!!

Photo Submitted By: Victor Starr, Community Cultural Liaison

Star Blanket First Nation, Sk.

Thanks Victor J. Starr for bringing us to Lebret, Sk today. We repaired a teepee for him and delivered it and the poles for Star Blanket First Nation’s Culture Camp this week in the beautiful Qu’appelle Valley. Thankful to meet Victor and his family.

Thanks Victor J. Starr for sending us the picture of the teepee we repaired for you. We wanted to post a picture of the repaired because of it’s significance to Victor’s family. It is an old teepee passed down a few generations within the Starblanket family and the designs on it are sacred and belong solely to this family. We felt really honored to fix it and we hope it will continue to be passed down!! The teepee looks in the perfect spot at Star Blanket First Nation’s Culture Camp this week in the beautiful Qu’appelle Valley.



Photo Submitted By: Cynthia Nepinak, Principal

Minegoziibe Anishinabe School

Pine Cree First Nation, MB.

We enjoyed meeting Cynthia Nepinak, Principal of Minegoziibe Anishinabe School in Pine Creek First Nation, Mb. We delivered some teepee poles and enjoyed visiting their beautiful school.

Photo: (left to right) Joe (maintenance), Cynthia Nepinak, & John Belanger


Photo Submitted By: Jan Longclaws

Keeshkeemaquah Reserve, MB.

Long Plain First Nation, MB.

We set up 4 – 24 ft teepees with Jan Longclaws, and her brothers Melvin Longclaws, & Brian Chaske and her sister-in-law Burnadette Myran, and members of Long Plain First Nation at Keeshkeemaquah Reserve at their old Residential School Site. We made the teepees for her in honour of September 30th- Orange Shirt Day, and we set them up with some Residential school Survivors. It was an awesome day! This day is designed to honour Residential School Survivors and it’s very important!!!. Thank you Jan for choosing us.

Photo Submitted By: Gail Cullen, Executive Director

Brandon Friendship Center East-Site

Brandon, Manitoba.

We had the privilege of delivering 2 teepees and poles today to Brandon, MB. , for the Brandon Friendship Center . We got to reconnect with Elder Frank Tacan and Tim Bone. These guys taught John about teepees and especially how to put them up. Really appreciate them and we miss them.

Photo: (left to right) Frank Tacan, John & Corinne Belanger & Tim Bone


Photo Submitted By: Shelly Dowson-Ward.

Fort Qu Appelle Friendship Center, Saskatchewan.

We had the privilege on Saturday to deliver teepees with pole sets to Fort Qu’appelle Friendship Center, Sk.  Shelly Dowson Ward ordered them for their land-based learning programs for the youth. She plans to have the youth put up the teepees on the FC property with the Elders. We really felt Shelly and  Joseph Nolan James Bear make a great team!! Really impressed with their vision for the future and programs they are running!!

Photo: John, Joseph, and Shelly


Photo Submitted by: Shawn Charlebois

Swan River, MB.  Red Road Compass

We really enjoyed setting up a teepee today with Shawn Charlebois on his Indigenous Education Land-based site 5 minutes outside Swan River,MB. It was not too cold outside but the fire was really appreciated because we needed to warm up now and then…lol. Check out Shawn’s workshops and planned activities on his website at .

Photo: John, Shawn, and Shawn’ sons


Photo Submitted By: Bill Beauchamp

Long Plain First Nation Campground, MB.

Happy Canada Day! Celebrating our Indigenous peoples history and contribution to this country with these pics. Here are pictures of a 30 ft teepee standing currently in Long Plain’s new campground. The 40 ft + teepees poles were supplied & harvested by John and me & kids. Thanks Bill Beauchamp, principal for Long Plain school for these pics! Check out our teepees and star blankets at

Photo Submitted By: Christopher Merasty

Legislative Building in Regina, SK.

Thanks Christopher Merasty and #walkingwithourangels for these pics! They purchased a teepee from us to set up at Regina Legislative Grounds to protest government’s refusal to pass a suicide prevention bill. Tristen Durocher fasted on the grounds between July – September 2020.

Photo Submitted By: Angeline Severight

Saulteaux Healing Treatment Center , Cote First Nation, SK

Just finished setting up a teepee with the Saulteaux Healing Treatment Center located on Cote First Nation . Loved how helpful the staff was and we are so excited how they are going to use the teepee in their treatment center programming.

Photo Submitted By: Loretta Dyck

Winnipegosis Museus & Historical Society

Thanks Loretta Dyck for giving us the opportunity to make this teepee for the Winnipegosis Museum and Historical Society . We had so much fun putting up the teepee with you and the museum board! We hope to return to your community soon.

Photo Submitted By: Joseph Brass

Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation, MB.

Thanks Joseph Brass and Cindy Fluery for this beautiful family picture! I know the teepee will serve your family for years to come! They purchased this 22 ft teepee from us for family and community ceremonies. The teepee looks great in their yard!

Photo Submitted By: Karen Guth –Manager of Outreach, Orientation and Training, Manitoba Developmental Centre, Community Service Delivery -Department of Families

Manitoba Development Center, Portage Manitoba.

Here is a picture of the 24 ft teepee we made for the Manitoba Developmental Center in Portage, Manitoba. Thanks Cornell Pashe, (Indigenous Community Coordinator) for helping set up the teepee. The teepee isn’t staked down in this picture, but it still looks good.

Photo Submitted By: Peter Hargraves, Sputnik Architecture

Elk Horn Resort, Manitoba.

We had an amazing day yesterday! Great way to end 2020! We had the pleasure of putting up teepees with Peter Hargraves , his family & staff from Sputnik Architecture, Inc at Elk Horn Resort in Riding mountain park. Peter drilled rebar into the cold ground for teepee stakes. Then he used rope to tie from stakes loops to rebar. Ingenious idea for Winter setup.

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